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FAQs / Common Violations

Q. My neighbor’s grass is very tall. Is this a violation and who should I call to report this?

A. Grass in excess of 12” tall is a violation of the County Code. Complaints about tall grass may be reported by visiting County Click 311 or calling 311.  

Q. How many unlicensed vehicles can I keep on my property?

A. Only one vehicle, whether wrecked, dismantled or unlicensed, may be kept on private property; and, it must be in an enclosed garage, not on exterior property. 

Q. Can I operate an auto repair business from my house or garage?

A. No. It is a violation of the County's Zoning Ordinance. Any such repair activity must cease immediately if this is being done on your property.  If you notice this illegal activity on a property, please report it by visiting County Click 311 or calling 311.

Q. A house in my neighborhood is in disrepair and may be abandoned. What should I do?

A. Please report the property by visiting County Click 311 or calling 311.

Q. I am cleaning out my basement. Can I pile the unwanted debris in the rear yard until I am finished?

A. No.  It is a violation of the County Code to store rubbish and debris on the external premises.  Please contact Bulky Trash at 301.952.7600 to schedule a pick up.  If you notice debris stored on a property, please report it by visiting County Click 311 or calling 311.

Q. There is a vacant lot with a large amount of debris. Who would handle getting the debris removed?

A. A vacant, unimproved lot (no house/structure) would be investigated by DPIE's Enforcement Division.  Please report the property by visiting County Click 311 or calling 311.  When reporting, please be sure to advise that there is no structure on the lot.

Q. I live in an apartment, and I have problems inside the unit.  Who do I report this to?

A. If you have reported the problems to the management office and the problems have not
been repaired or resolved in a reasonable length of time, report the problems by visiting 
County Click 311 or calling 311.  An investigation will be conducted and appropriate follow up taken, if applicable.

Q. I am moving and would like to rent my house out.  Do I need a permit to do so?

A. A rental license is required.  A 2-year license is $75.00.

Q. My neighbor has a pool with stagnant water. Is this a violation?

A. Yes.  Pools containing stagnant water or pools in disrepair are in violation of the Housing Code.  Please report the problem by visiting County Click 311 or calling 311.



How to File a Complaint

To file a complaint, please visit County Click 311 or call 311.  Please include the address of the property in question and a brief description of the complaint.



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