Multifamily Rental Licensing



Any property containing 3 or more dwelling units is considered a multifamily property.  A multifamily rental license is $75.00 per unit for a 2-year license.

Please click here for the Apartment License Application.

Inspections are required prior to issuance of any license.




To apply for a multifamily rental license, it is necessary to submit the following:

  • Application and Disclosure Statement (must be signed and notarized).

  • A copy of the Use and Occupancy Permit (U&O) clearly displaying the owner’s name, owner's address, and current property name. If the property’s owner has changed since the last renewal, the current owner must acquire a U&O in the current owner’s name.

  • If you have questions or need information regarding the status of your U&O, please contact the Permits Center directly at 301-883-5900.

  • A copy of the Current Fire Department Inspection Report.

  • Wood balcony railing certification if applicable per State of Maryland Legislation SB401.


How to File a Complaint

To file a complaint, please visit County Click 311 or call 311.  Please include the address of the property in question and a brief description of the alleged complaint.