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​The Building Plan Review Section reviews all building plans (residential and commercial) to ensure compliance with all applicable Building Codes. These plans include structural, architectural, mechanical, energy, electrical, fire protection systems, fire alarms, sprinkler drawings/calculations, and handicapped disciplines.

Fire & Life Safety Section

The Fire & Life Safety Section conducts all reviews of projects that require a fire review within DPIE’s Building Plan Review Division. These include commercial building plans, suppression systems and fire alarm systems. We maintain a strong commitment to life safety, and sound code enforcement remains the paramount objective while delivering high quality services to the public. This function receives overall management and administration from the Fire Code Official. Click here for more information on the Fire & Life Safety Section.

Health Section

The Health Section conducts the majority of health plan reviews submitted to DPIE’s Building Plan Review Division. The projects this section reviews include plans for new and remodeled facilities including food service facilities, on-site sewage disposal systems, wells for potable water supplies, and public swimming pools and spas. The Section also conducts plan reviews for the upgrade/expansion of an existing sewage disposal system to serve proposed building additions. Additionally, this section conducts pre-opening inspections of food service facilities and public swimming pools and spas; also, this section makes installation inspections of on-site sewage disposal systems and wells that have plans approved within the Building Plan Review Division. This section’s functions are jointly coordinated between the Division of Environmental Health in the Health Department and the Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement. Click here for more information on the Health Section.

Mechanical Section

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Structural Section

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