Picture of Fire/EMS PatchThe Office of the Fire Marshal is established within the Fire/EMS Department and is responsible for enforcing laws and ordinances in effect in Prince George's County covering the following:

  1. Prevention of fires
  2. Storage, use, and handling of explosive, flammable, toxic, corrosive, and other hazardous gaseous, solid, and liquid substances
  3. Installation and maintenance of automatic, manual, and other private fire alarm systems and fire extinguishing equipment
  4. Installation, maintenance, and regulation of fire escapes
    Picture of Elevator Fire Sign
  5. Maintenance of fire protection and the elimination of fire hazards on land and in buildings, structures, and other property, including those under construction
  6. Means and adequacy of each exit in the event of fire from factories, schools, hotels, lodging houses, asylums, hospitals, churches, halls, theaters, amphitheaters, and all other places in which people work, live, or congregate from time to time for any purpose
  7. Fire safety aspects of Subtitle 11 and the State of Maryland Fire Prevention Code

Fire Inspection Fee Schedule