Single Family Dwellings

The following documents and plans are required to apply for a new Single Family Dwelling permit:

  • One (1) Concept Approval Letter

  • One (1) Approved Stormdrain Plan (if needed)

  • Six (6) Site/Plot Plans -- Signed and Sealed

  • Two (2) Architectural Drawings

  • Two (2) Structural Drawings

    Note:  Single Family Dwellings and Townhouses Plans-on-File (POF) drawings must be signed and sealed.

  • Two (2) Landscape Plans

  • One (1) Sediment Control Plan -- Green stamped if the disturbed area is greater than 5,000 sq. ft.

  • Three (3) Approved Tree Conservation Plans or Exemption Letter

Prior to issuance of a permit, the following is required:

  • Building Contractors License

  • Maryland Home Builder Registration

  • Maryland–National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M–NCPPC) Environmental Planning Approval

  • Health Department Approval

  • Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) -- Pink Slip

  • Payment of Applicable Fees


For applicable forms, visit Forms and Checklists.