Plumbing Work by Homeowners

​Persons who own an existing single family dwelling or conventional townhouse unit are allowed, by regulation, to perform certain plumbing work without a permit. Homeowners also may perform certain plumbing work that requires a plumbing permit, subject to specific limitations. Generally, permits are not required for the replacement of existing plumbing fixtures, except for water heaters and testable backflow devices.

The following plumbing work may require a permit: 

a) Water, drainage and vent piping above grade that will not be concealed

b) First time installation of plumbing fixtures on new or existing rough-ins

c) Installation of non-testable double check valve backflow devices

d) Gasfitting

e) Installation or replacement of water heaters

f ) Installation of water piping and meter rack associated with WSSC meter settings

g) Replacement or repair of water or sewer services

h) Any other work not specifically allowed by WSSC regulations

Questions regarding plumbing work to be done by the homeowner should be referred to the WSSC Service Applications and Records Section at (301) 206–4003.


For applicable forms, visit Forms and Checklists.