With the exception of a roof cover, carports are generally exposed to the elements much like a lean-to structure. The front, back and sides may be left open or screened with latticework for improved aesthetics. All carports must have permanent foundations.

The details and restrictions for carports discussed in this section are also applicable to the construction of covered or enclosed boat storage facilities on residential lots. If you intend to construct one of these structures, you must obtain a building permit and submit site plans showing existing and proposed structure location(s), including well and/or septic (if applicable). Structural plans are also required.

Electrical work for carports will require an application for an electrical permit by a Master Electrician licensed with Prince George’s County

If you are located in a subdivision with a Homeowner’s Association (HOA), a separate approval from the HOA may be necessary. Unless erected by the homeowner, all home improvement projects require a contractor who is licensed with the Maryland Home Improvement Commission.


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