Licensing Center

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About the Licensing Center

The Licensing Center issues business licenses and regulates various business activities per the County Code.  In addition, staff monitors and investigates items/concerns related to Code Compliance throughout the active term of a license.  This includes ensuring certain Use and Occupancy (U&O) permits are current, and that licenses adhere to professional standards and operate in accordance with County Code.  Please click here for information on Single Family Rental Licensing, and click here for information on Multifamily Rental Licensing.  Following is a list of the most common businesses and activities regulated and the associated licensing fees.DPIE: Licesing

Licensing Fees and Applications

Benefit Performances

Carnival or Circus
Charitable Gaming Event
Application Sec. 5-115

  • The fee for a benefit carnival permit is Fifteen Dollars ($15.00) per ride with a minimum of One Hundred Seventy-five Dollars ($175.00) for the first seven (7) days and One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) per week, or portions of a week, thereafter.

  • No fees are required for any benefit performance that is to be a one (1) time operation, other than excluding a carnival or raffle.

  • Any benefit performance that is to be operated repeatedly shall have a fee of Fifty Dollars ($50.00) per year, excluding a carnival, charitable gaming event or raffle.

  • The fee for a benefit raffle permit is Fifteen Dollars ($15.00).

  • The fee for a charitable gaming event permit is One Hundred Fifty Dollars ($150.00) for each charitable gaming event and Fifty Dollars ($50.00) per month for each mechanical device operated on the premises of a permittee.

After Hours Convenience Store Registration         No fee​                                            CB-48  
After Hours Convenience Store Registration

CB-48 Commercial Checklist

Convenience Store Security Training Video

Fortunetelling License $250 annually Sec. 5-160
New licenses are limited by Code.  Contact the Licensing Center at 301.883.3840 for availability.   
Peddlers & Itinerant Vendors    
License (ice cream truck only) $75 annually Sec. 5-191
Public Dances    
License (both Adult & Teen) $1,000 annually Sec. 5-198
Dance Hall License Application    
Security Plan Application Form    
Security Plan Application Sample    
Security Plan Sample    
Security Plan Instruction Guide    
Background Check Information Sheet    
Solicitor (Door-to-Door)    
License $25 annually Sec. 5-207
Charitable Exemption Application $25 annually Sec. 5-207
Secondhand & Pawn Dealers    
Secondhand Dealer License $500 annually Sec. 5-234
New Employee (initial license) $100 Sec. 5-234
Employee’s License Renewal $50 annually Sec. 5-234
Pawn Dealer licenses are limited by Code.  Contact the Licensing Center at 301.883.3840 for availability. 
Massage Therapy
License (Therapist) Licensed by MD Department of Mental Health & Hygiene, 410.764.4738
Adult Book Store and/or
Adult Video Store
License No fee – 3 years Sec. 5-2703
Building Contractor    
License (initial application) $75 Sec. 2-253.09
Renewal $50 annually Sec. 2-253.11
Homeowner Waiver No fee  
License by Examination    
Master (limited & unlimited) $60 Sec. 2-253.53
Journeyman $50 Sec. 2-253.53
Reciprocal Electrical License    
Master $60 Sec. 2-253.53
Master (limited) $60 Sec. 2-253.53
License (all contractors) $100 bi-annually Sec. 2-253.53
Journeyman           $50 Sec. 2-253.53
Renewal Licenses    
Journeyman $50 bi-annually Sec. 2-253.55
Apprentice $25 bi-annually Sec. 2-253.55
Master (limited & unlimited) & Contractor $160 bi-annually Sec. 2-253.55
Motor Vehicle Repair Facility    
License $50 annually Sec. 26A-105
Off-Road Vehicle    
Registration Tag $30 bi-annually Sec. 26-173
Television & Radio Equipment Repair Facility    
License $50 annually Sec. 24A-105
Going Out Of Business Sale    
Permit $10 Sec. 14-124