DPIE Vision, Mission and Goals
DPIE wall with County logo

DPIE's Vision
To consolidate at a single location the various functions associated with the regulation and
approval of economic development and redevelopment projects within the County and positions the County as a national model for
permit processing, plan review, inspection,
code enforcement and business licensing.
DPIE's Missions

The Mission of DPIE is to promote economic development and redevelopment in Prince George’s County and protect the health and safety of County residents, businesses and visitors through highly integrated and efficient permitting, inspection and licensing services that ensure compliance with established building codes and property standards.

DPIE's Goals
  • To create a high-quality, customer-friendly experience for permit applicants, licensees, and property owners.
  • To deploy more fully-integrated, technology-enabled and streamlined processes to more efficiently and effectively perform project permitting, construction inspection, code enforcement and business licensing functions.
  • To simplify the permitting, inspection, enforcement and licensing functions and make them more timely and predictable for all stakeholders.