Plans and Reports



Affordable Housing-Needs Assessment PPT - Final
DHCD-Analysis Impediment Fair HousingDHCD_Final-AnalysisImpediment_FairHousingChoiceReport_Sept2013
Draft PGC AAP FY 2014 Modified 6-13-14Draft PGC AAP FY 2014 Modified 6-13-14
Economic Development-Needs Assessment PPT - Final
FY 2013 Substantial Amendment to Annual Action Plan (Final)Final PGC Substantial Amendment to FY 2013 AAP 10-29-2013
CAPER: Fiscal Year 2013HCD_CAPER_Fiscal_Year_2013_09_11
PGC AAP FY 2015 Final modified 12-11-14PGC AAP FY 2015 Final modified 12-11-14
PGC Draft Annual Action Plan FY2016 3-16-15
PGC Draft Consolidated Plan 2016 - 2020(3-16-15)
CAPER: Fiscal Year 2011PGC FY 2011 CAPER FINAL
PGC-FY2012 CAPER Final 9-28-12PGC FY 2012 CAPER Final 9-28-12
CAPER-Fiscal Year 2014 (6-1-2013 - 6-30-2014)PGC FY 2014 CAPER Final 9-29-14
NSP III as Amended (Final - 10/29/13)PGC Neighborhood Stabilization Program Round 3 (NSP3) as amended 10-29-13 Final
Fiscal Year 2012, as amendedPGC+AAP+FY+2012+as+amended+Final+4-24-12
Annual Action Plan, Fiscal Year 2011PGC-Annual-Action-Plan-FY-2011
Prince George's County FY 2011-2015 Consolidated PlanPGC-FY-2011-2015-Consolidated-Plan
Quality of Life-Needs Assessment PPT -Final