Our Mission

The Mission of the Prince George's County Department of Housing and Community Development is to expand access to a broad range of quality housing, and to create safe, well planned, attractive residential communities which enable families to become stable and self-sufficient. This mission is achieved through the daily operations, management and implementation of the programs listed throughout the pages of this site.


Guiding Principles


  • Encourage patterns of economic development that promote sustainable, vibrant and safe communities.
  • Promote partnership between public agencies, the private sector and neighborhood organizations to achieve preservation and stabilization objectives
  • Promote the creation and development of workforce housing and housing near transit centers
  • Promote a continuum of quality housing
  • Design policies and programs that maximize the leverage of both public and private resources
  • Promote and create homeownership  opportunities
  • Strategically target  resources in redeveloping, revitalizing and preserving established communities