Prince George's CountyStat is a program launched by County Executive Rushern L. Baker, III to deliver results through analysis, accountability, and innovation. Focusing on specific topics, CountyStat ensures county government is making measurable progress on the issues that matter most.

CountyStat performs three distinct, but overlapping, services:

  • Traditional “stat” sessions: Analysts work with agencies to gather and analyze data, map work flows, and find the gaps, redundancies, and inefficiencies for the purpose of providing the best possible service delivery to the citizens of the County.
  • Performance management: CountyStat analyzes workload data for every government agency in support of the preparation of the County Executive’s annual proposed fiscal budget. Through analysis of workload data, and the alignment of goals and objectives plays an important role in justifying the budget.
  • The County Executive’s policy analysis office: CountyStat is often tasked analyzing major policy and workflow issues impacting County government.


CountyStat Principles

  1. Expect excellence.
  2. Empathize with residents and customers.
  3. Make progress, not excuses.
  4. Know what we know.
  5. Trust, but verify.
  6. Draw upon expertise from all sources.
  7. Innovate at every opportunity.
  8. Follow up. Follow up. Follow up.


The CountyStat Team

The program was established without creating new government positions. The team consists of a CountyStat manager, deputy manager, and three full-time analysts that report directly to the Prince George's Chief Administrative Officer.

Benjamin J. Birge
CountyStat Manager

Alexander Krughoff
Deputy CountyStat Manager

Richard C. Miller, MSE/MCSA

Christine A. Barker

Rachel E. Buske

County Click 311

Allows Users To:

  • Browse Through Questions And Answers In Various Categories
  • Enter Requests For Service
  • Track Status of Service Requests
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