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In FY 2013, County Council-designated grant funding for County non-profit organizations is derived from two sources -Special Appropriation Grants and Non-Departmental Designated Grants.


Special Appropriation Grants

The FY 2013 Approved County Budget provides $100,000 in grant funds for each Council Member to designate and allocate to local County non-profit service organizations (501 (c)(3)). These grants, which are referred to as Special Appropriation Grants and total $900,000 Council-wide, are part of the Council's continuing priority partnership with non-profit organizations that help support a wide range of vital programs and services to the County's citizens and communities.

FY 2013 Non-Departmental Designated Grants

The FY 2013 Approved County Budget also includes specific grant allocations to 35 designated non-profit organizations, in the amount of $1,990,000. These specific grants, which are referred to as Non-Departmental Designated Grants, further reflect and underscore the Council's firm commitment to building and maintaining a strong partnership with the County's non-profit service community. Citizen/community-based programs and services represent an important and critical component of the County's overall efforts to help address the human, social, education, recreation, and other service needs that are central to building and maintaining strong communities.

FY 2013 Non-Departmental Grant Awards (Link will become activated when Grants have been awarded).

FY 2013 Grant Processing Procedures

To provide for greater transparency and full accountability of the Council's grants allocation and designation program we made several modifications to the grants program processes, which we believe will further strengthen oversight and ensure the continuing integrity of the Council's grants program. The grants program processing requirements, including the modifications for FY 2013, are briefly summarized below. Gary Sabel, Grant Coordinator, will manage the day-to-day processing of all grants, both Special Appropriation Grants and Non-Departmental Designated Grants.

Processing FY 2013 Special Appropriation Grants and Non-Departmental Designated Grants will now require the submission of the following documents by the grantee organizations:

  • A completed grant application form
  • A copy of the grantee's operating budget
  • A copy of IRS Form W-9
  • A copy of the IRS tax-exempt status letter
  • A copy of the organization's IRS Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax
  • A roster of the grantee organization's staff members and Board of Directors, including all officers and members
  • A copy of a report detailing and documenting how previously awarded County Council grant funds were used

Grant payments will only be transmitted to grantee organizations electronically, by the U.S. Postal Service, or, as may be arranged on a case-by-case basis, the grantee organization may designate a staff member, with appropriate identification, to pick up the check directly from Gary Sabel. Grants Coordinator. Mr. Sabel may be reached during regular business hours at (301) 952-5839 or by email at

Non-Departmental Grant Summaries

FY 2013 County Council Grant Awards