Fiscal Year 2015 Grants

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For Fiscal Year (FY) 2015, County Council-designated grant funding for County non-profit organizations is allocated through two principal sources: non-departmental designated grants and special appropriation grants. The Council also periodically awards grants associated with the Stadium Impact Area Mitigation Fund, as authorized by CR-87-2009.

FY 2015 Non-Departmental Designated Grant

 The FY 2015 Approved County Budget includes grant allocations to 45 designated non-profit organizations, plus $20,000 for scholarships to former student members of the Board of Education, for a total amount of $2,740,000. These specific grants, which are referred to as Non-Departmental Designated Grants, further reflect and underscore the Council's firm commitment to building and maintaining a strong partnership with the County's non-profit service community. Citizen / community-based programs and services represent an important and critical component of the County's overall efforts to help address the human, social, education, recreation and other service needs that are central to building and maintaining strong communities. A letter of invitation and an application package will be sent to those designated organizations.

FY 2015 Special Appropriation Grants

The FY 2015 Approved County Budget provides $100,000 in grant funds for each Council Member to designate and allocate to local County non-profit service organizations (501(c)(3) charities). These grants, which are referred to as Special Appropriation Grants and total $900,000 Council-wide, are part of the Council's continuing priority partnership with non-profit organizations that help support a wide range of vital programs and services to the County's citizens and communities.

FY 2015 Grant Processing Procedures

To provide for greater transparency and full accountability of the Council's grant fund allocation and designation programs, modifications are continuing to be made to the grant program processes to further strengthen transparency and ensure the continuing integrity of the Council's grant programs. The grant program processing requirements, including the modifications for FY 2015, are briefly summarized below. Gary Sabel, Grant Coordinator, Prince George's County Council, will manage the day-to-day processing of all Council grants (non-departmental and special appropriation).

Consideration of non-departmental designated and special appropriation grants all require the submission of the same set of documents (as applicable for your organization). All grant applications undergo the same scrutiny (i.e., verification of good standing with the IRS and the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation (MD SDAT) and the submission of all applicable supporting documents). If an organization designated to receive a grant is not in good standing, it will not receive the grant until it has been reinstated to good standing status. Applying for a special appropriation grant does not mean that an organization, even if it is in good standing and has all of its paperwork in order, will receive a grant from a council member.

​The following documents need to be submitted (see caveat(s) in parentheses) with each application:

  •  A completed, signed and dated FY 2015 grant application form
  • A copy of the IRS tax-exempt status letter (only if your organization is a first-timeapplicant or if requested by the grant coordinator)
  • A copy of the organization's IRS Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from IncomeTax)
  • A copy of the financial report (see FY 2015 financial report, below), documenting howfunds received from the County Council in the previous fiscal year had been used
  • A list of the organization's board of directors and a list of the organization's staff

​Grant applicants are STRONGLY encouraged to enroll in the electronic payment (ACH) program.The requirement for five or more payments per year does not apply to grant recipients.Please submit updated enrollment forms when your banking information changes.

When a council member decides to provide funding to a grant applicant, he / she will send a letter to the organization advising that the grant payment will be sent in approximately 30 days.

Grant payments will be transmitted either by mail (for checks) or electronically (for those organizations that signed up for electronic deposit) from the Wells Fargo Payment Facility in North Carolina.

If you have questions on the grant program, please contact Gary Sabel, Grant Coordinator, by phone at 301-952-5839 or by e-mail at

The following documents are provided for your use, as needed:

  1. Supplemental Instructions For Special Appropriation Grants (PDF)
  2. Grant ​Documents Checklist ​​(PDF)
  3. FY 2015 Grant Application ​​(PDF)
  4. Electronic Disbursement Enrollment Form ​(PDF)
  5. FY 2014 Financial Report ​(PDF)

Community List

Stadium Impact Grant Awards

Non-Departmental Grant Summaries

Grant Awards

FY2015 ​FY 2014
District 1- Mary A. Lehman District 1- Mary A. Lehman
District 2-Deni Taveras​
District 2-Will Campos
District 3- Dannielle M. Glaros District 3- Eric Olson​
District 4​- Todd M. Turner District 4​- Ingrid M. Turner, Esq.

District5- Andrea C. Harrison​
District 6- Derrick Leon Davis District 6- Derrick Leon Davis
District 7-Karen R. Toles​ District 7-Karen R. Toles​
District 8-Obie Patterson District 8-Obie Patterson
District 9​​​​- Mel Franklin​​ District 9​​​​- Mel Franklin​​
​FY 2013 ​FY 2012​
District 1- Mary A. Lehman District 1- Mary A. Lehman
District 2- Will Campos District 2-Will Campos
District 3- Eric Olson District 3​- E​ric Olson
District 4- Ingrid M. Turner, Esq. District 4- Ingrid M. Turner, Esq.
District 5- Andrea Harrison District 5- Andrea Harrison
District 6- Derrick Leon Davis District 6- Derrick Leon Davis
District 7- Karen R. Toles District 7- Karen R. Toles
District 8- Obie Patterson District 8- Obie Patterson
District 9- Mel Franklin District 9​​- Mel Franklin
​​ ​​​​​​​