Board of Health

Under State Law, the Board of Health, which in Prince George's County is the C​ounty Council, must meet at least semi-annually during May and October. In practice, it meets in that capacity far more often to consider various aspects of local Health Department policies and programs and a rather broad spectrum of related health issues. 

State law permits the local Board of Health to adopt and enforce all rules and regulations concerning nuisances and causes of sickness within its jurisdiction, as long as these are not contrary to and are at least as stringent as existing laws, rules and regulations promulgated on the State level. The local Board may also establish all fees and charges in connection with local regulation.

The Rules of Procedure used by the Council sitting as the Board of Health are the same as those for the Council sitting as the County Council. Legislation concerning health policy and programs is also subject to the same legislative process as other pieces of legislation.

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Prince George’s County Council                 
Board of Health Session
February 16, 2016

Zika Virus: The Science and Epidemiology –What You Need To Know”
Joseph L. Wright, MD, MPHConsultant, Board of Health


September 15, 2015

The Prince George’s County Council will convene as the Board of Health during the scheduled Council session on Tuesday, September 15, 2015, at 11:30 a.m. in the Council Hearing Room, First Floor, County Administration Building, 14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive in Upper Marlboro.

The Council, sitting as the Board of Health, will be briefed on the subject of Laurel Regional Hospital.  Presenters include Board of Health consultant,  Joseph L. Wright, MD, MPH;President/CEO, Dimension Healthcare Systems (DHS), Neil J. Moore; Interim COO, DHS & President/COO Laurel Regional Hospital (LRH), John Spearman; Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Lisa Goodlett; Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, DHS &Vice President of Medical Affairs, Prince George's Hospital Center (PGHC), Carnell Cooper, MD;  Senior Vice President and Strategy Consultant, Jeff Johnson; Vice President, Kaufman Hall & Associates, Chirag Patel; Jennifer Epps, 1199SEIU Healthcare Workers East; and Claudia Balog, 1199SEIU Healthcare Workers East

View Dimensions Healthcare System's "Update on Laurel Regional Hospital" 





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