For Immediate Release: 8/22/2013 12:00 AM

Contact: Karen D. Campbell 301-952-5182

Access to quality and affordable health care for County residents is a top priority for the Prince George's County Council, and we could not be more pleased with the selection of Largo Town Center as the site for the County's new Regional Hospital Center and medical campus.
Today's announcement is an exciting step forward in our continuing journey to address critical health care challenges facing our County and the region.  The significant findings of a 2009 Rand study commissioned by the County Council affirmed what residents were telling us about the status of health and health care in Prince George's County , and we as a body set the policy and practical political environment for health care progress in our County--designating healthcare as a legislative priority; strengthening our role as the County's Board of Health; hiring expert consultants; and ensuring our processes included important public input from County citizens and community leaders.
With the selection of the Largo Town Center location, we can now move forward with building a new world class facility, which will ensure that the people of Prince George's County receive the quality, affordable healthcare they deserve. Further, building the new hospital near a transit station will positively impact the County's important economic development initiatives.
We commend the hard work of the Site Selection Committee, and look forward to continuing our partnership with Governor O'Malley, Lt. Governor Brown, County Executive Baker, Dimensions Healthcare, and especially the University of Maryland Medical System Board, to create and implement health care strategies and policies that form a long-term solution to the longstanding challenge of our hospital system.
Following the August recess, the Prince George's County Council will continue our active involvement in this process and the issues surrounding the development of the Largo Town Center site, beginning with a mid-September Board of Health meeting considering the facility's Certificate of Need application.   We remain committed to ensuring the health and wellness needs of our citizens are properly addressed.