Core Values

All legislative powers of Prince George's County, Maryland, are vested in the Prince George's County Council. In addition, the County Council sits as the District Council on zoning matters and land use policy, and as the Board of Health to govern and guide health policy.​

The Prince George’s County Council is committed to developing partnerships and encouraging public participation and engagement with our citizens, community leaders and elected officials. The Council will exercise its oversight and legislative roles to improve services and programs for residents. The Council will manage County resources in an efficient and effective manner. The Council’s core values are guided by the following: 

Guiding Principles

  • Transparency
  • Teamwork Through Collaboration and Trust
  • Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability
  • Innovative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving
  • Citizen Involvement and Community Engagement


The Council will be transparent in its operations. Council Members will be open and forthright in their communication with each other, the public and other key stakeholders.

Teamwork Through Collaboration and Trust

The Council will operate as a team through trust and establish appropriate and coordinated goals that will serve as a unifying force in meeting the needs of the citizens of the County as a whole, while also addressing the needs of the individual constituencies of the Council Members.

Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

The Council bears fiduciary responsibility for stewardship of the County’s resources. The Council will provide oversight of fiscal and governmental processes and use its collective wisdom and knowledge in making sound fiscal decisions that are in the best interest of the County and communities they were elected to serve.

Innovative Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

The Council will seek to find creative and unique solutions to continue to meet the needs and address the issues and concerns that affect the citizens of Prince George’s County.

Citizen Involvement and Community Engagement

The Council will seek to encourage citizen involvement. The Council knows that good government involves partnerships, education and community engagement, which is a key component for successful government.