Training Academy

Training is a keystone to the success of Prince George’s County Department of Corrections. The Department of Corrections has a training program for all employees that incorporates, at a minimum, the stringent training requirements set forth by the American Correctional Association and Maryland Police Correctional Training Commissions. The Department of Corrections training plan includes clerical, support employees, correctional officers, and administrative and managerial employees.

Our commitment to quality training is exemplified by the presence of a full-time training and development staff and field training coordinators. This process ensures program integrity, consistency, and compliance with training standards.

Career Development is a continuous formalized and organized planning effort to achieve balance between the career need of an individual and the goals of the Department of Corrections. The training section works closely with Personnel to assist supervisors and trainers in assessing the needs of employees and their career goals. Individual Development Plans (IDP’s) are to be completed annually as part of the performance appraisal process. The IDP is a voluntary self-directed process for identifying the goals and career direction of each employee. The IDP will assist the training section and managers in developing the employee as well as addressing the departments overall goals.

Our Vision

Through Responsiveness, Respect, and Commitment we provide exemplary Training and Development, to achieve our vision of having the best-trained staff in the Correctional Industry. We support and promote these Core Values:

  • We believe in the cornerstone of training.
  • We believe in developing staff as individuals and as team members, enhancing their development in the face of change.
  • We respect the dignity and diversity of all individuals.
  • We respond to the special needs and requirements of the Department of Corrections.
  • We maintain the highest standards of professional and personal Development.

Our Mission

The Department of Corrections’ training mission is to promote staff development and training that not only ensures the maintenance of a safe and professionally managed facility, but also provides equal opportunity for growth through customized core training and career development programs. Our goal is to comply with or exceed local and state training requirements.