Population Management Division

Jeffrey Logan, Division Chief Jeffrey Logan, Division Chief,
Population Management Division

Marie Crabbe, Assistant Division Chief
Phone: (301)-952-7326
Contact: Nancy Barnes
(301) 952-7050

It is the responsibility of the Population Management Division to maintain an accurate case file and computerized records on every inmate committed to the Department, to classify inmates properly into appropriate custody levels, and to enable the courts to establish appropriate conditions of release by providing reliable information on the inmate’s community ties and criminal history.

Investigative unit profiles detainees.

The Division consists of three sections:  Community Supervision, Inmate Records and Release, and Investigative Profile. In a collaborative effort, each section works to achieve its mission keeping in mind the following goals:

  • Increase the rate of appearance for scheduled court dates of Pre-Trial program participants.
  • Reduce substance abuse/use and increase the compliance rate for scheduled drug monitoring appointments of Pre-Trial Release Program participants.
  • Ensure quality control for tasks performed by employees in the Inmates Records Unit and maintain accurate Inmate Records Unit operation.
  • Expand the number of participants in the Home Detention and Voice Track programs and increase site verifications on program participants.
  • Reduce the cost of drug testing by streamlining test procedures and reduce waiting time for participants by improving the process.
  • Operate a computerized classification process and answer inmate requests in a timely manner.
  • Increase the number of inmates released to Pre-Trial supervision in District Court and expand the Investigation Unit, which furnishes reports to members of the Circuit Court judiciary.
  • Increase Community Supervision sites in the county in order to improve accessibility for clients.
  • Implement an identification card program for defendants released to a Community Supervision Program or released from the facility after completing a vocational program, which may be used to acquire shelter or public assistance.

Community Supervision

This Section is composed of the Case Manager/Pre-Trial Supervision, Inmate Drug Lab, and Monitoring Services Units. The following means of community supervision are provided:

  • Case Management/Drug Lab Unit:  Supervision of defendants released to the Pre-trial Release program pending trial on various levels of supervision, i.e., call-ins, drug testing and electronic monitoring.
  • Monitoring Services Unit:  Sentencing alternative for non-violent offenders.  Electronic devices supplement close supervision by staff for sentenced offenders with more serious offenses.

All community supervision program participants may utilize the Prince George’s County Department of Corrections General Information Telephone Line, (301) 952-7276 for the following inquiries:

  • Press 1 for Butler Building Annex
  • Press 2 for (Temporarily N/A)
  • Press 3 for Drug Lab
  • Press 4 for Case Management/Supervisors
  • Press 5 for Monitoring Services
  • Press 6 for (Temporarily N/A)
  • Press 7 for Visiting Hours
  • Press 8 for Repeat Sequence


For further information, please contact:
LaNelle Sydnor-Pringle
Section Chief
(301) 952-7188

Inmate Release and Records

This Section is comprised of the Inmate Records Unit, Release Unit, Diminution Coordinator, and Expedited Court. These units are tasked with the following: 

  • Inmate Records Unit: Maintain a case file and computerized record on each inmate from time of intake to release, and interpret official court documents.
  • Inmate Release Unit: Coordinate the appropriate release of detained individuals.           
  • Diminution Coordinator: Reviewing files of sentenced inmates, projecting release dates,
  • Recalculating diminution credits for good conduct or program participation.
  • Expedited Court Process:  Expedite the dispositions of cases of individuals confined on non-violent offenses or nuisance.

For further information, please contact:

Rena Parks
Unit Chief
(301) 952-7158

Investigative Profile

This Section consists of the Pre-Trial Investigation and Classification Units.  They are responsible for completing the following: 

  • Classification Unit:  Placing detainees in the least restrictive custody level, coordinating periodic reviews of detainees housing and institutional adjustment, ensuring due process is provided when an inmate is charged with violating a rule and screening detainees for the Inmate Worker program.
  • Pre-Trial Investigations Unit:  Conducting personal interviews and compiling criminal histories of detainees scheduled for bail review to be presented to the courts, enabling the judges grounds to establish appropriate conditions of release, i.e., bond or Pre-Trial Release.


For further information, please contact:

Kevin Easton
Section Chief
(301) 952-7309