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Human Resources Division

Mr. William Frazier, Chief,

Mr. William Frazier, Chief,
Human Resources Division
Contact: JoAnn Turner
Phone: (301) 952-7016

The Human Resources Division is responsible for personnel services, recruitment, training, research, accreditation and overall management of departmental computer systems.

Personnel Unit

The Personnel Unit performs the day-to-day personnel services required for a large organization: payroll, timesheets, performance evaluations, personnel files, reports, statistics, etc.

The Compliance Unit maintains and reviews the official manuals (policies & procedures, post orders, inmate handbook, etc.), oversees facility certification by the Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards and accreditation by the American Correctional Association.

The Recruitment Unit is comprised of correctional officers who represent the Department at career-related gatherings, place recruitment materials in the community, and carry out other facets of the Department's recruitment plan, which is aimed at providing a steady supply of new recruits for correctional officer positions.

For further information, please contact:
Renee Morrison, Personnel Unit Coordinator
Phone: (301) 952-7171

Training Unit

The Training Unit includes uniformed and civilian employees who deliver or coordinate all aspects of the departmental training program, including a fifteen-week State-certified Training Academy for new recruits, an annual In-service Training Program for all employees, supervisory training, mid-level managers' training and executive level training. Currently, a significant portion of in-service training requirements is being provided through an interactive computer based training system.

For further information, please contact:
Susan Grimes, Asst. Section Coordinator
Phone: (301) 952-0026

Information Services Unit

The Information Services Unit is responsible for managing all aspects of the Department's computer hardware and software and for system administration. This covers an array of services ranging from technical assistance about a cost-effective software solution, to replacing a piece of equipment, to assigning a password, to sitting on an inter-agency committee to integrate multiple computer systems.

The Planning Unit maintains a statistical database for research and planning purposes and responds to requests from staff and outside agencies for management information.

For further information, please contact:
Stephanie Walton, Information Services Manager
Phone: (301) 952-7002