Mary Lou McDonough, Director
County Correctional Center
13400 Dille Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
General Information: (301) 952-4800
Inmate Locator: (301) 952-7102, 952-7164, 952-7025​

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Training Academy

Line up for training academy drillProfessional training promotes and encourages the on-going success of the Prince George’s County Department of Corrections. We provide a targeted employee training program that incorporates, at minimum, stringent training requirements set forth by the American Correctional Association and the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission. The Department’s Training Master Plan includes course material specifically designed to enhance the abilities of clerical staff, support employees, correctional officers, and administrative and managerial employees.

Inmates in Domestic Violence class Our commitment to quality training is exemplified by the presence of a full-time training and development staff plus field training coordinators who ensure program integrity, consistency, and compliance with mandated federal and state training standards. Formal career development is a continuous planning effort to achieve balance between individual career needs and the goals of the Department of Corrections. The Human Resources Division works closely with the Training Section to assist supervisors in assessing the needs of employees and achieving their overall career goals.