Domestic/Family Fees

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Includes: Divorce—Absolute and Limited; Child Custody, Visitation, Support, Paternity; Name Change, Guardianship, and Supplemental Complaint After Final Judgment for Limited Divorce. Clerk’s Fees DO NOT include fees for Family Support Services charged by the Circuit Court.

Appeal to the Court of Special Appeals$121.00
Attorney Appearance Fee$10.00
Case Filing, with attorney$175.00
Case Filing, without attorney$165.00
Supplemental Complaint After Final Judgment for Limited Divorce$165.00
Copies (per page)$0.50
Certified Copies of court records (plus copy fee)$5.00
Custody – Enroll and Enforce, without Attorney$165.00
Custody – Enroll and Enforce, with Attorney$175.00
Custody— Enroll Foreign Decree$110.00
Dismissal, Voluntary$15.00
Exemplification/Triple Seal (plus copy fee)$10.00
Modification of Custody/Visitation/Support/Alimony (in closed case)$31.00
Motion for Admission of Out of State Attorney$100.00
Petition for Contempt$31.00
Petition for Emergency EvaluationNo Fee
Petition for Protection from Domestic ViolenceNo Fee
Sheriff’s Service – payable to the Office of the Sheriff$40.00
     Attorney: Check from law office
     Self-represented litigants: Money Order
Triple Seal Copies$10.00
Surcharge for Mailing Copies$2.00