Jury Duty

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Instructions for Jurors

There is one Jury Session in Prince George's County, January through December. The Yearly Jury Session begins on the first Monday in January. Prospective Jurors are selected at random from the Voter's Registration rolls and are sent qualification notices. Qualified prospective Jurors are placed in a pool and are, once again, randomly selected to serve as either a Grand or Petit Juror. Beginning January 1, 2002 prospective Jurors will also be randomly selected from the Motor Vehicle rolls.  

For additional information of Jury service you may want to review Preparation for Jury Duty (PDF). This information provides an overview of the jury system as well as what to expect when you are summoned for Jury Duty.

The Sheriff's Office does not permit any electronic equipment in the Courthouse; for example lap top computers, walk-men, recording devices, or cameras. For more information about what is prohibited, see the Court's policy.