General Services Division

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  • Material Management (301) 883-0340
  • Mail & Courier Services (301) 883-3495
  • Graphics & Reproduction Center (301) 883-0360
  • Records Management (301) 883-0366


To provide inventory and reproduction services, mail and courier services and records data management to County agencies, municipalities and citizens in order to provide safely related inventory items, to disseminate information and to preserve the County’s history by overseeing the management of records.

Who We Are

The General Services Division (GSD) is responsible for the overall management and direction of the County’s records center, consolidated warehouse, graphics center, reproduction centers, mail and courier services, and surplus personal property.  The Division is divided into the following areas of responsibilities:

  • Warehousing and Delivery Services
  • Inventory Control
  • Mail and Courier Services
  • Graphic and Reproduction Services
  • Records Management and Storage
  • Asset Management
  • Confiscated Vehicle Management
  • Surplus Property Disposal

What We Do

The General Services Division:

  • Operates a state of the art copy center, and oversees nineteen self service copiers located in various county facilities.
  • Prepares large mailings, such as jury notices and tax bills for delivery by the United States Postal Services.
  • Manages an inventory of 700 stock items valued at $1.1 million for distribution to county agencies and local municipalities.
  • Administers the County’s Fixed (Capital) Asset Inventory, valued at over $21.2 million.
  • Produces high-speed quality documents and newsletters for all county agencies.
  • Administers the County Records Management Program, which includes the storage of over 12,000 cartons through an automated indexing process; and provides pickup of records for storage and destruction in compliance with retention guidelines.
  • Administers the acceptance, storage and sale of the County’s surplus personal, forfeited, confiscated and abandoned property. Disposal of property is achieved via spot bid sales, generating revenue for the County’s General and Crime Solvers Funds.