How do I find out about current Procurement Opportunities?

Current formal solicitations are posted on Contract Administration and Procurement website at http://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/sites/CentralServices/Pages/default.aspx and on the bulletin board in the Office of Central Services/Contract Administration and Procurement Division, 1400 McCormick Drive, Suite 300 Largo, MD  20774. Current Procurement Opportunities are also advertised every Thursday in the following three (3) newspapers:

  • Prince George’s Post
  • Enquirer Gazette
  • Sentinel

How can I get on the County's bid list to receive solicitations?

Formal solicitations are available for download on the County's Opportunities page, but they are no longer mailed to bidders.

Who should I contact in the Contract Administration & Procurement Office to obtain information concerning current contracts such as the expiration date, incumbent vendor or contract administrator? What number can I call to get more information about the Office of Purchasing?

For information regarding current contracts, please refer to the current contracts listing provided on the County’s website. To find further information on a specific contract, please call our main number at 301-883-6400 and ask to speak with the assigned buyer as noted on the Current Contract listing. To receive general information regarding Contract Administration & Procurement, please call the main number at 301-883-6400.

How do I request clarification on bids?

Pre-Proposal Conferences, Pre-Bid conferences are held for the vendor community. During these conferences, Contract Administration and Procurement staff advises potential bidders/ offerors of special or technical requirements of a project and provides an opportunity for attendees to ask clarifying questions about the solicitation. Attendance at these conferences is not mandatory, unless otherwise stated. Any information disseminated at such a conference will be made available to all attendees and parties who purchased or downloaded the solicitation.

Do I have to read the entire solicitation package, including all the attachments and fine print?

Yes, you should read the solicitation documents thoroughly so you understand them and can comply with all the instructions and conditions. Improperly completed bids/proposals may be considered non-responsive.

What is a Multi-Step Bid?

The Multi-Step bid process may be utilized as a procurement method when it is determined that factors other than price must be considered in making a contract award.  These factors may include the ability of the product to meet performance or design specifications and/or the vendor’s capabilities and qualifications for providing the required services or product.  Bidders whose technical submissions have been found to be acceptable under the criteria set forth in the bid shall have their prices considered.  Final award is based on the lowest responsible responsive  responsible bid price.

Would the County accept a bid that is received late?

Bids or proposals must be received in the Contract Administration and Procurement Division office or such other locations as designated not later than the s scheduled time and date by bid opening, or closing date and time for receipt of proposals.  Bids or proposals received after the scheduled time will be considered late and returned to the vendor unopened.  Postal delays, misrouting or any other delivery delay shall not constitute a basis for acceptance for late bids or proposals. 

How can I obtain bid results?

Bid results may be obtained on the bulletin board in the Contract Administration and Procurement Office, 1400 McCormick Drive, Suite 200, Largo, MD  20774

Does the County use a Credit Card for Purchasing?

Prince George’s County utilizes Procurement Cards for authorized County personnel making small purchases under a specified amount. 

What is the County’s small procurement threshold?

The County’s small procurement threshold is Thirty Thousand dollars ($30,000).  It is the Policy of the County that competition is obtained whenever practicable when making small procurements.  Items or groups of related items, services or construction estimated to cost not more than Thirty Thousand dollars ($30,000) may be competitively procured by telephone or written quotations.  Bonus point’s factors for Certified Minority Business Enterprises are applicable in determining the lowest bidder. 

When will my invoice be paid?

Questions regarding invoice payment must be directed to the using Agency.