Selection Process

The Art in Public Places Panel oversees and approves all artwork commissioned or purchased through the program. In addition, a Project Advisory Committee is appointed by the Panel to assist with the selection of each public work. This Committee consists of up to nine members and must include one Panel member, the Art in Public Places Program Administrator and a representative of the County Council corresponding to the District in which the project is located. Additional members may include County architectural, engineering or construction management professionals, artists, arts professionals, citizens, as well as others with special interest or expertise in the particular project.

The selection of artwork for each construction project is based on the following criteria:

  1. Artistic excellence and innovation
  2. Community support and interest
  3. Appropriateness of concept, medium, scale, and content, relative to the construction site
  4. Durability and maintenance needs, relative to possible damages (i.e. vandalism, weathering)

Commissions are selected through one of the following procedures:

  • Open Competition: An open call for entries is distributed; artists must submit an application with examples of previous work. Of the submissions, a select number of artists are chosen to develop detailed proposals for the project site commission—one is chosen
  • Invitational Competition: The Panel invites a limited number of artists to submit proposals for the project site commission—one is chosen
  • Direct Purchase: A complete, existing work is purchased for the project site
  • Direct Selection: One artist/artist team is selected to develop a full proposal for the project site commission