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Prince George's County, Maryland

CB-83-2013--Clean Renewable Energy Technology in Public Buildings

For Immediate Release: 12/31/2013 1:10 PM

Contact: Angela Rouson 301-952-7484 CouncilMedia@co.pg.md.us

CB-83-2013 Raises Environmental Standards for County Buildings to Unprecedented Levels

The Prince George’s County Council, during Council session on Tuesday, November 19, unanimously approved Council Bill 83-2013, legislation requiring clean energy systems for new County buildings and major renovations of public buildings.

The legislation, proposed by Council Member Mary Lehman (D) – District 1, makes Prince George’s County the first jurisdiction in the State of Maryland to fund clean energy systems in all new public buildings and major renovations of public buildings. The legislation requires the county to budget an additional 2% into the total cost of a building or renovation to pay for the required installation of 1 kilowatt (KW) of clean energy for every 1,000 square feet of gross floor area in the building.

Council Member Lehman says CB-83 is representative of a forward-thinking clean energy policy that will establish Prince George’s County as an innovative leader on best practices for development and environmental protection.

“I am thrilled the Council has adopted one of the most ambitious policies for clean energy on public buildings in the country. This bill will spur clean energy jobs for our workforce, energy savings for our taxpayers, and a cleaner environment for our children.

Council Bill 83-2013 applies to all permanent, public buildings, and major projects renovating 50-percent or more of the gross floor area. CB-83-2013 defines Clean Renewable Energy as technology or a system that employs solar, wind or geothermal energy.