Office of the Director

The Office of Central Services (OCS) is headed by the Office of the Director, which is primarily responsible for providing oversight for both the day-to-day and global operations for the Office of Central Services. The following services are housed within this office.

  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Budget and Finance
  • Land Acquisition
  • Capital Construction
  • Art in Public Places
  • Administrative Support 

Human Resources

The Office of Central Services’ Human Resources Unit (HRU) has the dual role of managing the human resource needs of OCS personnel, and providing management support to help strategically manage OCS staff and business resources. This includes managing recruitment and hiring of staff, coordinating employee benefits, supporting training and development strategies, payroll management, and assistance with legal compliance with labor laws.

Information and Technology

The Office of Central Services’ Technology Unit is responsible for supporting automation, process control, and technology applications for the agency.  These applications include, fuel management, fleet preventative maintenance, facilities management work orders, minority business registration and compliance tracking, and warehouse management and reporting systems.

Budget and Finance

Budget and Finance for the Office of Central Services, is primarily responsible for the coordination and management of the agency’s general fund, internal service fund, special revenue fund, and capital projects fund. Additionally, this area oversees divisional budget preparation for the agency, and the implementation and adherence to performance-based management requirements.

The Purchasing Card Program is managed out of Budget and Finance. The Program Administrator for the purchasing card program serves as the primary point of contact for the banking institution that issues purchasing cards, and also develops, audits, and enforces county-wide policies and procedures governing the Purchasing Card Program.

Capital Construction

The Office of Central Services provides capital construction and building renovations for OCS and other county agencies. These services are funded from the Capitol Projects fund, CP35. A portion of CP35 is specifically funded from the Facilities Operations and Management Division for County major renovations.

Art in Public Places

The Art in Public Places Program is Prince George’s County Government’s only public art program that contributed to the place-making and aesthetic significance of the Capital Improvement Projects.  It is a percent-for-art initiative that integrates unique and significant works-of-art into new and substantial renovated County buildings as part of the construction cost of a facility.  The public art process involves community and facility stakeholders, artists, construction professionals, local government officials and is overseen by a volunteer County Council/County Executive appointed board.  It is administered through the Office of Central Services, Office of the Director, Construction Division.


Art in Public Places is the fabric that brings together art, people and place enriching the landscape of Prince George’s County, Maryland. 


  • Provide the County with high quality and diverse art forms as a tool to humanize our urban, suburban and rural environments.
  • Integrate art into the architecture and urban design of County-built public spaces where it will be accessible and visible to the public and create exciting, appealing, and harmonious public spaces.
  • Reflect and celebrate the County’s rich cultural heritage, ethnicity, commonality and civic pride, and environmental diversity.
  • Challenge artists to respond innovatively and collaboratively with community stakeholders by stimulating collaboration and understanding between artists and Prince George’s County’s diverse community.
  • Enrich civic pride, community identity, spirit and pride.
  • Strengthen economic and community development as well as contribute to tourism attractions.
  • Foster the public's understanding and enjoyment of public art.
  • Attain recognition as local, regional and national leader in art in public places by insuring the creation of the highest quality public art.

Administrative Support

The administrative staff within the Office of the Director supports the Director and Deputy Directors. This staff assists in the execution of day-to-day and special projects by ensuring proper oversight and adherence to County policies and procedures.