Message from Director

Image of Roland L. Jones, Acting DirectorIt is a privilege for me to assume the role as the new Director of the Office of Central  Services (OCS). Having been a part of this agency for the last two and a half years, as the Executive Director of the Supplier Development and Diversity Division, I know firsthand the important role that this agency plays in providing centralized support services to County Government, and also providing services to the citizens, residents, and businesses of Prince George's County.

As I begin to look at the new direction for OCS, I want to build on our past successes, and leverage lessons learned to implement the following enhanced strategic vision, mission, and core values to guide us into the future.

We recognize that just establishing a strategic direction for the future of OCS is not enough. We must convert our vision and mission into specific performance targets that are  meaningful, measureable, and manageable. To that end, I will be emphasizing a data-driven approach for OCS operations as a whole. Data will drive our decision making, and  help us continuously improve our processes. If we are to achieve our mission of exemplary  customer service, accountability, quality service delivery, cost consciousness, and high  ethical standards, we must establish key metrics, and track and trend our progress towards our goals. We have a tremendous challenge before us, but also we have an opportunity to  create an agency where people are inspired to be the best they can be, and where there is  a spirit of collaboration and team that involves every mind in the creation of a "Best in Class" agency. A very critical component of our success will depend on how well we engage our  internal and external customers. We must create a structure that will foster open and honest communication, we need standard operating procedures that are clear and concise to  support compliance with policies and procedures; we must have an open feedback loop that fosters customer transparency, so that we can listen and learn from our customers about their needs; and most importantly, we need mechanisms in place to evaluate our customers  satisfaction with us.  

I am committed to working collaborative with all of our stakeholders to support the Baker  Principles, and ultimately improve the lives of all residents, citizens, and businesses in  Prince George's County. 

Roland L. Jones
Director of the Office of Central Services