Animal Bites and Scratches

Each year, dogs bite approximately 5,000,000 people across the country. Of those, almost 60% are children and 70% occur on the pet owner’s property.

If you are bitten by a dog, follow the steps listed below to ensure proper treatment of the bite:

  • Immediately soak the wound in soapy water and scrub the bite area gently.
  • Dry the wound and apply an antiseptic such as iodine.
  • Report the bite to the Prince George’s County Police Department at (301) 333-4000 and the Health Department at (301) 583-3750.
  • Try to have someone keep the animal in sight. If you know where the animal lives, notify the owner so they can contain the animal.
  • Contact the Animal Management Division (AMD) at (301) 780-7200 if the animal is still at large and in the area.
  • If the animal is not owned or the owner is unavailable, call AMD to have it picked up and/or quarantined.
  • Remember: Keep your distance from wild animals and never approach any animal that shows unusual behavior.

The quarantine procedure for an owned animal with a current rabies vaccination that bites or scratches a person is listed below:

  • The animal must be quarantined for 10 days.
  • The animal can be kept at home as long as there is limited human contact and no other animal contact.
  • The animal can be walked on a leash as long as there is limited human and no other animal contact.
  • Call the Health Department at (301) 583-3750 and AMD at (301) 780-7200 if the animal gets sick or dies while under quarantine.
  • The animal cannot get a rabies vaccination until after the 10-day quarantine.
  • If your animal is bitten by another animal, call the Health Department for quarantine information.
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