How to Request Audio Recordings

Click Here to Request 9-1-1 Audio Recordings Online


911 Audio RecordingsPublic Safety Communications Audio Unit
17321 Melford Boulevard
Bowie, MD 20715
Phone: 301-352-1401

Audio recordings of E911 calls may be obtained through the Public Safety Communications Audio Section.  Please note, recordings prior to May 4, 2011, are not available.

To request the status of an audio recording request or if you have any questions please contact the Public Safety Communications Audio Unit at 301-352-1401 or send an email to Please allow up to thirty (30) days to process your request.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) Requests  

Prince George’s County Public Safety Communications is pleased to provide an online application process to request Audio Recordings through the Freedom of Information / Maryland Public Information Act. Pay OnlineThis process provides a very effective and efficient means of processing the audio recording requests.  Click Here to Request 9-1-1 Audio Recordings Online.

A $100 minimum administrative fee will be assessed for all requests, to include requests where the search and review process determines that no recordings or documents may be provided. An additional fee of $100 per hour may be assessed for requests that require more than two (2) hours to produce. All payments must be received prior to processing any request.   

Online payments may be made by ECheck/ACH, Credit Card or Debit Card. A $2.50 service fee is applied for each Credit Card or Debit Card transaction and a $1.49 service fee applies to each Electronic Check/ACH transaction.   

Until December 1, 2014, MPIA and FOIA requests for audio recordings may also be made by completing an Audio Request Form and submitting the form via US Postal Service or other delivery method. Requests made using the paper request form must include a $100.00 check or money order. All transactions must be processed via the online process after December 1, 2014.   

Please note that all print or television media requests for audio recordings must go through the Prince George's County Executive's Press Information Officer and submitted as a FOIA request.  

Requests to obtain copies of audio recordings under FOIA or MPIA may not be requested in person or dropped off at the Public Safety Communications Center. The recordings will be mailed to the address provided on the request form and may not be picked up at the Public Safety Communications 9-1-1 Center.

Subpoena Duces Tecum Requests

To obtain a copy of an audio recording as evidence in a criminal or civil matter, please submit the subpoena along with this form to the Public Safety Communications Audio Unit. Research and reproduction fees will be waived for requests submitted from the Prince George’s County Office of the State’s Attorney, County Attorney, and Office of the Public Defender.  All other requests must include the applicable $100 fee. 

Public Safety Agency Requests

To obtain a copy of an audio recording for the purposes of completing a criminal or internal investigation, please submit the completed form Public Safety Communications Audio Section via courier, via facsimile to 301-352-1406, or email