Triple Accredited Center of Excellence


In March 2012, the International Academy of Emergency Accredited Center of ExcellenceDispatch (IAED) designated Prince George’s County Public Safety Communications 9-1-1 Center a Triple Accredited Center of Excellence (Tri-ACE).  In August of 2015, Prince George's County Public Safety Communication's commitment to excellence was reflected when it was re-accredited as a Triple Accredited Center of Excellence (Tri-ACE). 

To achieve this, the highest distinction the Academy can bestow, our center achieved and maintained all of the Academy's standards of excellence for an Emergency Medical Dispatch, Emergency Police Dispatch and Emergency Fire Dispatch Communications center.

Prince George’s County is only the sixth jurisdiction in the world, and the fifth in the United States, to meet IAED’s rigorous accreditation criteria and to receive this prestigious recognition.

Triple accreditation tells our public safety partners and the citizens that the Public Safety Communications dispatch and 9-1-1 personnel are properly trained, effective, and efficient in providing assistance to citizens in need of in Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

The 20 points of accreditation include meeting strict quality assurance standards, highly developed system oversight processes, a commitment to ethical practices and quality improvement procedures, proper system oversight, and certification for all 9-1-1, dispatch and supervisory personnel.

The Accreditation process does not end after an agency becomes accredited. The agency must continue to maintain and demonstrate proof that compliance with IAED standards is maintained on an on-going basis.

Each quarter our agency is tasked with submitting documentation verifying that we continue to comply with Accreditation Standards in all three areas of responsibility: Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

Through the dedication to excellence, leadership and professionalism of the personnel serving our citizens, Public Safety Communications can call itself one of the top six 9-1-1 centers in the world. Most importantly, we are able to provide the highest level of service to Prince George’s County’s citizens and first responders.