About Public Safety Communications


When citizens, residents and visitors in Prince George’s County need Police, Fire, EMS or 911 CommunicationsSheriff assistance, they call the professional men and women working in Prince George’s County Public Safety Communications.

The 9-1-1, dispatch and supervisory personnel working on the other end of the phone in the 9-1-1 Center are the first point of contact during an emergency; responding quickly to assess the situation and determine the necessary public safety response.

As first responders, 9-1-1 personnel are the first to offer assistance and the first to provide support, comfort, or sympathy to citizens in distress. Public Safety Communications 9-1-1 personnel are invisible heroes that save lives every day. They are highly trained, dedicated and trusted public servants.

Public Safety Communications is an internationally accredited 9-1-1 Center and our personnel are recognized for their professionalism, commitment to public safety, leadership and innovation. We are a public safety agency staffed with 203 civilian
personnel working together as 9-1-1 call takers, law enforcement and fire/EMS dispatchers, trainers, supervisors, FOIA/MPIA processors, career development coordinators, administrators, managers, technical staff and radio communication specialists.

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"Public Safety Communications is committed to Caring for Prince George’s County ~ One Call at a Time."