Housing and Community Development

The Department of Housing and Community Development is comprised of three governmental agencies: The Department of Housing and Community Development, the Housing Authority and the Redevelopment Authority. The Mission of the Prince George's County Department of Housing and Community Development is to expand access to a broad range of quality housing, and to create safe, well planned, attractive residential communities which enable families to become stable and self-sufficient. This mission is achieved through the daily operations, management and implementation of the programs described within this site.


Housing Authority

The Housing Authority of Prince George’s County, Maryland (“HAPGC”) is a semi-autonomous governmental agency charged with the provision of housing assistance services via the Housing Choice Voucher Program, Moderate Rehabilitation Program, Rental Allowance Program and County-owned public housing. HAPGC is composed of three branches: the Housing Assistance Division, Rental Assistance Division and Financial and Administrative Services.


Redevelopment Authority

The Redevelopment Authority develops, redevelops, revitalizes and preserves targeted communities with an emphasis on communities within the Beltway in support of the County Executive’s priorities of community development, transit-oriented development, and affordable housing.