Council Districts


District 1

Mary A. Lehman


District 2

Will Campos


District 3

Eric Olson


District 4

Ingrid M. Turner


District 5

Andrea Harrison


District 6

Derrick Leon Davis


District 7

Karen R. Toles


District 8

Obie Patterson


District 9

Mel Franklin


Council Retreat


The County Council

All legislative powers of the County are vested in the County Council. In addition, the County Council sits as the District Council on zoning and land use matters, and as the Board of Health on health policy matters. The County Council meets as a legislative body at 10:00 a.m. every Tuesday in the Council Hearing Room on the main floor of the County Administration Building in Upper Marlboro. The District Council meets at 10:00 a.m. on second and fourth Mondays. The Board of Health meets as required. The Council recesses in August and December. All County Council sessions are open to the public, and citizens are encouraged to attend.


Standing Committees

There are currently seven Council standing committees and each Committee has budget review and program oversight responsibilities. The standing committees include Health, Education and Human Services (HEHS), Planning, Zoning and Economic Development (PZED), Public Safety and Fiscal Management (PSFM), Transportation, Housing and the Environment (THE), Rules, General Assembly & COW, Council of Governments Appointments 2013, and County Boards and Commissions Appointments 2013. 


Council Administration

This division of the Legislative Branch, under the direction of the Council Administrator, provides professional staff support for all Council functions and activities. Under the direction of the Council Administrator who is appointed by the County Council staff from this division coordinates and interacts with all other divisions of the Legislative Branch including Clerk to the Council, Audits and Investigations, Zoning Hearing Examiner, and Board of Appeals.