War of 1812

Without Prince George’s County and the Battle of Bladensburg, the Star Spangled Banner and the victory at Baltimore would not have occurred in the War of 1812.

Undaunted pgcounty 1814 The Prince George’s County War of 1812 Commemoration will occur over 2012-2014 with multiple events, activities, and sites. Come and visit and experience the history!

The Prince George’s County Committee on the War of 1812 is committed to serving as a clearing house to local groups and the region about the ways in which commemoration can occur.  The members have access to a wide variety of technical assistance and funding, as well as marketing sources.  The goal is to tell the story of the military actions and civilian life that preceded, surrounded, and followed the march across the county, the Battle of Bladensburg on August 24, 1814, and the burning of Washington D.C. Through partners, events, and signage, the Committee is working across the area to ensure a complete visitor experience for this once in a lifetime experience.

Battle of Bladensburg Story Map

View story maps of the War of 1812 detailing geographical views of the Battle of Bladensburg in Prince George's County.


Task Force / Commission Members

Task Force / Commission Members
  • Beatrice Tignor, Prince George's County: Co-Chair
  • Aaron Marcavitch, Maryland Milestones: Co-Chair
  • Edward Day, Maryland-National Capitol Park and Planning Commission
  • M. David Williams, Town of Upper Marlboro Clerk
  • Scott Peterson, Prince George’s County
  • Michael Hale, Mayor of Town of Colmar Manor
  • Walter James, Mayor of Town of Bladensburg
  • Stephen Walker, Chief of Police Town of Edmonston
  • Doug McElrath, Prince George’s Heritage Inc.
  • Fred Tutman, Patuxent Riverkeeper
  • James Scott
  • J. Matt Neitzey, Prince George’s County Conference and Visitors Bureau
  • Renton Bean
  • Brian & Patricia Skews Calicott
  • Laurence Winston, Glenarden Historical Society & African American Heritage Preservation Group
Meeting Dates

For additional information please visit  www.princegeorges1812.org.