Special Circumstances for Health Coverage Enrollment

Penalties for Non-Coverage

​Adults 18 to 64 years of age must be enrolled in health coverage, or face a penalty. Penalties for 2015 are still applicable to all months of non-coverage beginning April 1. If coverage is purchased prior to April 1, 2015, penalties do not apply for the year.
Maryland Helath Connection

Medicaid Enrollment

Marylanders who are eligible for Medicaid can apply for Medicaid at any time and can enroll year-round. Coverage begins immediately. To enroll, individuals can enroll by going to Maryland Health Connection​​.

​Enrolling During Life Changes & Special Circumstances

There are certain life changes that allow individuals to enroll in coverage outside of the open enrollment period through the Maryland Health Connection. For a listing of changes, go to Reporting Life and Income Changes page on Maryland Health Connection website.

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