Strategic Services

  1. Budget & Procurement Section (BPS)

    The Budget and Procurement Section (BPS) manages the Agency’s budget and procurement programs through fiscal planning and oversight of the General Fund, Solid Waste Management Enterprise Fund, Water Quality Management Fund, Stormwater Management Enterprise Fund, and Capital Improvement Programs.

  2. Human Resources Section

    The Human Resources Section provides comprehensive, professional and timely human resources services to the department’s internal and external customers. They are responsible for providing guidance to departmental staff related to personnel policies and procedures, and for coordinating and conducting training programs for DoE staff.

  3. Information & Technology Section (ITS)

    The Information and Technology Section (ITS) is responsible for the delivery of timely, accurate, up-to-date, secure, reliable and uninterrupted technology services to the Department of the Environment. Tasked with developing effective security and data integrity, and monitoring work flow, hardware, cable and switching gear capacities, ITS is essential to the department’s success in maintaining stability in all office operations. Delivered services include all office applications, email, Internet access, mapping and data back-up.